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The wife is the better half, it is so-called better half because of its importance in men’s life. House is not home till it has a female in it. The wife is the unit of the family that makes the backbone of the institution of the family. Husband’s love for wife is inevitable, right from the beginning of the world, love for wife has been the depicted in best pictures. Expressing love for a wife is easy nowadays. Just upload a picture on Instagram and Facebook and then say two words of love and romance. Some couples posts funny Instagram captions. These silly captions for Instagram can further enhance the relations between husband and wife.

Instagram Captions For Wife

When you are finding some Instagram captions for wife, go for the romantic one. It is what she is waiting for.

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Cute Instagram Captions For Wife

You are not just my better half, you are my full moon.

The only person I speak with right from the heart is my wife.

I wanna travel the moon with ya.

You are the love of joy.

You are my loving distraction

You are worth melting for.

I crave for you, I know your worth.

I am in love with you, and all your things.

Your hair are like fur pillow to me.

Every time my phone rings, I hope its you.

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Wives can also do the same. They should also express the love for their other half. Just have a snap and then upload it on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram and then give it a perfect Insta caption that covers your love for him.

Cute captions can be said from the wife’s side. Some words of happiness, romance, and cuteness from a wife’s mouth can do a lot. Most of the couples have an awesome bio on Instagram that shows the love they have for each other.

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