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Playing Chess Photo Captions

Capturing photo while playing chess is an awesome click. Post your chess playing pics on Insta and be famous for your strategy. Chess is game of royals, who used to play it in royal houses and parliament. It was loved by lobbyist and politicians. Now it is not that widely played, though its effect remains same for fame. It is famous for strategy one plays to defend himself and attack others. Get some help from chess quotes that can be written above photos while being uploaded on Instagram.

Chess Captions

Chess Captions
Chess Captions

Chess sayings and quotes from famous quotes use some awesome wordings in it. That can be copied to make your captions. Insta caption for chess should include some passion and mind blowing tips for ig.

  • Use your mind, or lose the plan.
  • Make it happen in your thoughts, implement it with tips of your finger.
  • Chess is a fairy tale of 1001 blunders.
  • Chess is a beautiful mistress.
  • Even a poor plan is better than no plan at all.
  • Tactics flow from a superior position.
  • In life, as in chess, forethought wins.
  • Even the laziest king flees wildly in the face of a double check.
  • When you see a good move wait – look for a better one.
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Chess Captions For Facebook

Chess playing photos are made cover in Facebook profile. You can also fit it as fb profile pic or DP, use a perfect caption to describe your love of chess.

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